Teaching Staff


All are English speakers. Each form has a form teacher although teachers with special skills and experience teach across the classes, so pupils and teachers have a varied day. Two classroom assistants help the teachers and assist the youngest children.

Not all the teachers have formal qualifications but they have all taught before, are well educated themselves, and have the benefit of the correct work books to guide them.

In the winter break (December to February) all the staff benefit from a 4 week Government teacher training course (delivered at the school by a Teacher Trainer). This is being funded by the Trust at a cost of Rs 10,000 (£130 approx).

Secondary Schools
These are Government funded and pupils who pass Year 4 exams can apply – but the fees charged for books and uniform are expensive – and compulsory. Most parents of children at Hannah’s school are unable to afford the £40 needed each year. However, each year, approximately 10 pupils  – both girls and boys – from Hannah’s School move into secondary schools. All of them are sponsored for the duration of their secondary education.

Teachers and photographer Linda Grove