Other ways to support the school


If you are planning a trip to Darjeeling, we can arrange visits to the school. A visit shows children, parents and staff that they are valued and supported.  Please do contact us first, to ensure it is term time and for help and advice. Plus there are plenty of tips and ideas on the pages which follow in this section.


In 2015 we completed the construction of the volunteer homestay accommodation adjacent to the Hannah Memorial school site. A number of international volunteers have stayed in the accommodation. The homestay offers volunteers clean and comfortable accommodation a stones throw away from the school and also provides a good base to explore the surrounding Darjeeling area. Please do contact us if you are interested in any volunteering opportunities.

Seek Sponsorship or have an Event

Jo Culpin Running the London Marathon

Sponsorship is a great way to raise money. In the past few years a number of individuals have completed challenges such as the London Marathon in support of Hannah Memorial Academy, raising thousands of pounds in the process. Where we can, we are happy to provide support to anyone looking to fundraise for HMA in this way.

Events are another really effective way to help. For example, a weekly online pub quiz in Southampton has now raised almost £2500! They recently reintroduced the actual quiz in their pub, whilst continuing with the online version, as it has proved so popular. Why not set up your own quiz? They are not difficult to organise and great fun!

Adopt the school

Perhaps your employer, school, or organisation would like to adopt the school as their charity. Please contact us to discuss any ideas you may have

Note: we are often asked – ‘do you need books?’

The answer is, ‘only if you bring them yourself and are visiting the school’.  All teaching is in English, follows the Indian curriculum and uses standard ‘work books’. Hannah’s school has also accumulated a range of English language picture and story books suitable for primary age children, sent in bulk.  The high cost of sending, the complications of import rules, and  issues of suitability mean it is generally better and cheaper to source books locally..  but do ask if you want to know more.