Christine and Roger’s story

In November 2006 Christine and Roger had been travelling in Darjeeling, when their driver, Jason told them about his school. One day they visited it and immediately decided they would like to support such a wonderful, practical memorial.

Planning meeting with staff

They came home to Hampton and with the full support of Trevor and Hilary Foster, Hannah’s parents, started collecting funds. The school had opened with one building, 5 teachers, a few teaching materials and 22 pupils. Gradually, with a lot of hard work and cajoling, funding has enabled the school to grow to a maximum roll of 125 pupils.

Gradually, Chris and Rog involved their friends, sending books, funds and anything they could muster. Then in August, realising how much more funding is needed to guarantee the continuation of the school, they set up the Hannah Memorial Academy Charitable Trust.

Says Christine, ‘This school stands proud as a heart-warming and fitting memorial for Hannah that is supported by Jason, his family and many local people, as well as by our trustees and supporters in the UK.  We are both proud and humbled to be involved with Jason in ensuring that this wonderful school continues.’

Early days in the classroom