Article: Midsummer Madness event raises over £2000!

Spring Grove Fringe’s very personal interpretation of a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Midsummer Madness event raises over £2000!

When you have a large garden and a decking area that looks a bit like a stage, then what else would you do on Midsummers Eve other than hold an outdoor event for friends?

That’s exactly what John and Barbara Higham decided to do. They created a fantastic atmosphere by decorating and lighting their garden, providing fabulous food, drink and entertainment for 80 people on what fortunately turned out to be a dry night (only weatherwise, you understand).

The entertainment ranged from a ridiculously funny scene from Midsummer Night’s Dream (naturally) to the Frolick who perform popular songs from Handel’s time, and much much more. Guests were quite happy to spend the evening eating, drinking and being entertained in this way, and of course we are indebted to them (not literally you understand) for their truly generous donations.