Article: Old Uniforms for New uniforms

Barton Peveril Students

Old Uniforms for New uniforms

Our thanks go out to Students at Barton Peveril College who were dug out their old school ties and blazers, and staff who found mortar boards and gowns for the uniforms day fundraiser that took place on Friday 11th December.

All the tutor groups in the college were asked to raise at least £10 through donations, and students were asked to wear their old school uniforms for the day. Each tutor group that achieved this was given a celebratory tag to put up in their classroom. Not to miss out on the fun staff were asked to either wear their old school uniform or to dress up as an old fashion teacher in Mortar boards and gowns.

At lunch time students participated in a uniform fashion show showing off the delightful uniforms they previously had to wear.

The student committee decided that the money that they were raising for the school would go towards the cost of school uniforms. For pupils at the Hannah Memorial Academy to progress to the next school, they need a school uniform which costs £10. Most of the parents only earn £1.10 a day so this is an expense they cannot afford.

The results were a magnificent £2173.

In the past Barton Peveril College has raised £3350 through a clothes swap, a plant swap, selling cards and the student committee donating money raised at their summer ball.